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101 Tarot Spreads

101 Tarot Spreads is a rich and varied collection of maps—some light and whimsical, some profound and intense, some mundane and practical and some eclectic and conceptual. The purpose of this collection of Tarot spreads is to give you a clearer, more powerful way of accessing the vital information that is important to you and your well-being as you continue to live and evolve. Spreads that you’ve never seen before – on all areas: relationship, money, personal growth, past lives and karma. Spreads include ones like “why did this relationship end”, “the moneybags spread” and “what is my life’s purpose.” By using the spreads in this book, your relationship with the Tarot will become a personal, intuitive one in which the cards speak to you. As you learn to listen to them and trust what they tell you through the device of the Tarot spreads, you’ll appreciate how well they help you find your way. In the process of learning to establish a relationship with the cards and with the spreads, you’ll learn so much more about yourself, others and life.

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