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Loved the Neighbor

Thanks to Roman May

Our next door neighbor has moved and we are so sad. She was a terrific neighbor and we were sorry to see her go but happy for her that she was able to sell her house in this market. The people who bought her house seem like nice folks and are keeping their yard in immaculate shape. However, they have a teenage son who gives me the creeps. He always seems to be lurking around and makes me uncomfortable. He has more piercings and tattoos than someone on LA Ink and never seems to be doing anything productive. When I mentioned this to my husband, he suggested we look at http://AllHomeSecurity.com to see about getting a system at our home. I know we sound paranoid and like unfriendly people but we’re not. In fact, we invited the new neighbors over for dinner and really enjoyed their company. Of course, the son didn’t show up but that was OK. We’re choosing to believe that he is just a unique young man who is being rebellious and my husband is trying to make friends with the son by shooting hoops with him in the driveway.

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