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Cassy’s Tarot Review

This basic guideline gives beginners a starting point that allows the new tarot reader to use their own instincts as well as the traditional meanings of the tarot deck. Tarot Cassy’s Way invites the beginner to participate in the learning process by developing these insights and skills. Once you know how to interpret the timeless symbols of the tarot, reading the cards becomes easy!

Learning tarot should not be frustrating. Instead, learning tarot should be a rewarding experience, in which you gain spiritual insight little bit by little bit as times goes on. This learning process should be fluid, natural, easy, and above all fun. If you are finding it difficult to learn, before you blame yourself and decide that you just aren’t an intuitive individual, stop…your deck may be the problem.

A deck should speak to you. In the classes I teach on learning tarot, one of the most vital moments in your journey is your choice of tarot card deck. Get the wrong one, and your intuition will be stunted and you will quickly become frustrated.

This book is designed with you in mind. In the reference portion of this book, you will notice repeating paragraphs. For example, the meanings of numbers or colors are added throughout the book. These themes are added at the end of every tarot card meaning so that you do not have to keep thumbing through the book, back and forth, wearing yourself and the pages out with unending searches.

I’ve done my utmost to make this book as user friendly as I possibly can. Toward that end, I have also included space for personal notes for each reader to use as they journey through the learning process.

What Makes This Book So Special is it was written by a real tarot reader and teacher with real, practical experience. This book makes it easy for anyone to understand tarot! This book is also available in paperback, but you can get it instantly and you don’t have a shipping charge!

Symbols go where language fails us. In this way, symbols are more powerful than words. This guide is intended to help you learn to interpret tarot by way of knowledge, with a firm foundation in understanding ways of communication that go beyond words.

With this guide, you can learn to interpret tarot more quickly, and it becomes a part of your consciousness rather than a rote memory. Good luck in your journey. Enjoy the path.

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