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Understanding Tarot Cards and Cartomancy

Many people wrongly think that cartomancy and tarot card readings are synonymous. The truth is, they are different from each other. The next time you hire the services of a cartomancy reader or tarot interpreter, make sure that you keep in mind the basic difference between the two.

First, let’s find out the meaning of both terms:

The Meaning Of Cartomancy

Cartomancy is the act or process of utilizing special card decks specifically for fortune telling purposes. Its practice and usage dates back to the Medieval Era, and some historians actually claim that cartomancy has been present since ancient times.
During the medieval era, however, the Church has censored the use of fortune telling cards because it goes against biblical teachings. People who practice divination and use cartomancy cards are not given high regard during that time, and are seen as enemies of the faith. Despite this taboo, many people have shown remarkable interest in this field. The typical card deck sold in stores today are based on the original cartomancy cards used in old times. Many people are already familiar with the spade, jack, club, and diamond symbols. These are symbols used for fortune telling.

The Meaning Of Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading is similar to cartomancy, but not exactly the same. Tarot show different images that are not seen in cartomancy. Frequently, tarot card symbols and face images have a somewhat deeper meaning. Learning the tarot is like learning a more detailed course about fortune telling.

Tarot reading also has more categories or “suits” that aid the reader in making more vivid predictions based on the situation of an individual. Tarot cards have been used extensively by travelling gypsies on old times. This is where the stereotype of a tarot card reader came from. Many of us think of a tarot reader as someone who is wearing a long velvet robe and residing in a dark room with only a faint candle light. This idea or image came from the gypsies.

There are many people who are extremely gifted and talented with both cartomancy and tarot. These are the types of people that you would normally want to get a psychic reading or prediction from. However,  there are others who simply want to appear as if they are good at their craft, but the truth is that they are only after your money. This is the reason why it is always safer to do your own due diligence when choosing a provider to work with. It is also a good idea to learn a thing or two about cartomancy, tarot cards, and psychic reading in general.

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