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Online Tarot Card Reading – Tips To Finding A New Tarot Reader

Having an online tarot card reading is the easiest way to have your cards read. Unfortunately there are so many different tarot readers online that it makes it difficult to sort through all of them to find the one you like. I’ve tried many of them in my search for a new reader. It took me a bunch of tries but I eventually found a reader that I love. Here are some of the things I encountered in my search for an online tarot card reading.

The first thing I noticed was that the more creative the site looked the less authentic the readings were. I don’t why this was, but maybe because they were trying to hard to look like a real tarot reading site when they only cared about taking my money. I tried a few of the more popular tarot readings sites and I have to be honest I was not impressed. The only thing that was great about them was their nice looking site. Their prices were too high and their readings were very detached, like they didn’t even care about me and my questions.

I thought about how I could find a good online tarot card reading and not get scammed or suckered by some nice advertisement and then it all came back to me. Let me explain…I use to have a friend years ago who lived just down the street from me. She was a tarot card reader but you wouldn’t know that unless she told you. She didn’t act esoteric or dress in mystical ways. She didn’t talk about reading cards. She was a very normal person, just like all real tarot card readers are. They are normal everyday people…and when I thought about that I figured out how to find a good tarot reader online…I would search for regular, almost out of the way tarot reading sites. Not the most popular sites according to the search engines because after all companies spend lots of time and money on search engine manipulation.

Once I started think differently about what a REAL tarot readings site would look like I started to get some good readings. Finally I was on the right track. Now all I had to do was find the best priced reading. This turned out to be some what difficult because many sites charge different prices. For example a few sites charge $75 for 5 questions, while other sites charge the same price for only 3 questions. My reader gives me 10 questions for $75 and only charges me $30 for 5 questions.

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I thought I had found my reader a few times here in there throughout the whole process but it wasn’t until I discovered http://www.metaphysicalpsychic.com -Tarot Readings By Angelica that I knew I had. Her readings are amazing. She is accurate, kind, caring, honest and very helpful. She doesn’t just reply to my questions with answers and then it’s over, she makes sure I understand everything. She goes above and beyond her services. AND to top it all off she has the best prices on the net. If your looking for a new tarot reader I recommend her, check her site out at http://www.metaphysicalpsychic.com/tarotcardreading.html

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