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queen of swords

Your Questions About Major Arcana Tarot Cards

David asks…

Devil card of the major arcana of tarot. Write what you know and have experienced in the essence of this.?

Simple descriptions of the card. Insight into the descriptions.

TarotTrumps answers:

The devil shows a man and woman in chains, but the collars are loose about the neck, meaning they could get free if they wanted to.

This card represents the grip of the ego. Delusions of grandeur, self importance, want appearing as need. I always tell the person that the matter of choice is what will be the determining factor in whatever matter the card presents in.

William asks…

Wiccans what card in the major arcana of the Tarot represents you at this time in your life?

TarotTrumps answers:

The queen of swords. The hardships, i’ve had, in finding myself, and happiness in who i am. Great question. I know some people are so out of it they can’t take you or me serious. Yahoo answers. I tell ya.

Mary asks…

This question is for people who REALLY know about Tarot cards…?

I’ve been reading about Tarot cards and trying to gain some insight lately…

Okay, so Tarot cards that have a Major Arcana and a Minor Arcana are used for occult purposes, right? Am I right about this?

Please provide me with a clear answer.

TarotTrumps answers:

Tarot was originally used for card games in the 1400s. Playing cards were also evolved from these games (take out the major arcana and combine the page and knight into a jack and you got the modern playing deck). Occult purposes came later and was first mentioned in 1781.

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Your Questions About Tarot Card Spreads And Meanings

Maria asks…

Tarot card reading…already have the spread, card, & meaning laid out. Can someone give me an indepth reading?

I did a Past Life spread and have some questions.
I tend to scribble notes down of what the card means as I go, so I’ll just put that down as well.
But I wish that someone could and would explain this more. I know I can go and look up in depth meanings of each card, but the cards are all connected. I hope someone can connect them for me.

1. Basic soul nature coming into this past life.
Queen of Swords Reversed
maintain mental balance and you will know the truth. Clarity and focus even amidst doubt, distraction, and confusion.

2. Environment.
Ace of cups
sign of new beginnings

3. Early years.
9 of Wands Reversed
extreme difficulty or stress to contend with

4. Education.
Knight of Cups Reversed
experiencing a negative reaction to the increased demands of the world upon you; passive person being pushed towards action or commitment and you do not like it; slow emotional growth or developing too fast.

5. Accomplishments.
Knight of Swords
events happening quickly/out of the blue. Risk of chaos unless someone is there to take control

6. Occupation.
The Hierophant
is deeply connected spiritually to know how we find the meaning of life. Awareness of other dimension to life; a realization we are all bound to one another in some sense.–Spiritual advisor, teacher.

7. Social status.
Page of Swords Reversed
acting without thinking; letting immediate desires seduce; overly dependent; exaggerated emotional outbursts

8. Relationships.
3 or Swords
attack of the blues, a bitter disappointment, or a setback. At worst, a heartbreak, pain and suffering caused by someone that has wounded you deeply.

9. Family life.
2 of Wands
Choices, dilemmas, or union. Choices between staying put or moving on.

10. Death.
Page of Pentacles
beginning of a new project or enterprise …..?

11. Lessons learned during this past life #1.
Ace of Swords
realizing ambition is clearly destined for success. may still be in embryonic stages.

12. Lessons learned during this past life #2.
5 of Swords
Walk away from destructive situations, as you are most certainly fighting a losing battle.

13. How this past life affects querent’s current life #1.
Transition of life [I'm really not sure of this one.]

14. How this past life affects querent’s current life #2.
5 of Cups
much deeper narrowing pain. [I also am not completely sure about this]

It sounds like this past life of mine had it a little rough. Is that why I got the 5 of Cups for the 14th card?
Also, I’m not sure if the Death card is just straight forward or if it means a transition of life.

There are some similarities in my past life that have not changed. In the Page of Swords, I act without thinking a lot. But how is that under social status? [#7]

Also, the Knight of Cups Reversed for Education.I tend to push against society and what it excepts of me…But sometimes I feel myself becoming passive about all of it…and life. So my soul has always been resistant to the demands of the world? Am I supposed to change that? [#4]

The Hierophant for occupation. As a Taoist, does this mean I was spiritually aware then? Did I carry some of the same belief then? Does that all in a sense mean I could be closer to enlightenment if my soul is aware? [6]

Just, if someone can go in depth and explain each card and what it means when next to the next card.
It would be greatly appreciated.

TarotTrumps answers:

It really is not a good idea to use cards if you have never taken a class on how to use them. Creating a spread an expecting someone else to do the reading is not going to work, it will only lead you to false information

Sharon asks…

meanings of celtic card spread?

i just got a new set of tarots and i haven’t dont the celtic card spread before. im just trying to study it but different sources tell me different meanings. im after the 11 card spread also, like i know 1 is you, 2 is what covers you but greater insight to all the 11 cards would be great also if it helps i have the enchanted tarot thanks x

TarotTrumps answers:

There are several different types of Celtic Cross spreads that’s why you’re finding so many different meanings to each position. I personally don’t like to use the CC spread but I think its a good spread to at know because sometimes its the perfect spread for a question.
Here is a basic positional meaning I’m sorry I don’t know an 11 card spread just 10 cards.
1- description of the present situation
2- further description
3- basis of the situation
4-past influence
5- public image or how the situation appears
6-immediate future
7- destiny of the situation
9-hopes and fears
10-final outcome

I would just find one cc spread position that I like and can memorize and stick with those meanings you don’t have to use the one I shared with you. Like I said everyone has a different positional meaning for the cards so find the one you feel comfortable with and go from there.

Sandy asks…

Astrology and Tarot What One Are You?

Someone recently asked me since i do tarot cards to list what cards would indicate what sign in a card spread. I know there are many different varriations like for instance the major arcana and the court cards
I have come up with this explination also backed by two different web sites. I am only going based on major arcana NOT court cards (court cards are usually the ones representing the astrological signs but they goes based on decans not actual months)

Aries- The Emperor Card
Taurus-Hierophant Card
Gemini- The Lovers Card
Cancer- Chariot Card
Leo- Strength Card
Virgo- Hermit Card
Libra- Justice Card
Scorpio- Death Card
Sagittarius- Temperance Card
Capricorn- Devil Card
Aquarius- Star Card
Pisces- Moon Card

http://supertarot.co.uk/astrology/attributions.htm – this website has decan days for the major arcana and court cards as well as minor arcana

http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/learn/meanings/pages.shtml -explains it all as well with out the court cards.

Just wanted to post so next time someone asked me i could redirect tell me what card you are and your sign :)

The Lovers Card- Miss Gemini

TarotTrumps answers:

My significator is the Queen of Coins if I’m asking a question about material things. (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn)
If I am asking a question about love or relationships, my signification is the Queen of Cups. (Mars and Ascendant in Pisces)

My life path number is 9, and relates to the Strength card. So when I draw the strength card, I know the cards are talking about me personally.

The cards you listed are often associated with the energies of the signs you noted, but they are not to be associated with the person themselves. The court cards are usually significators, and the Major Arcane are the major events in the life line.

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The Swords Court Cards of a Tarot Deck

Page of Swords from the Rider-Waite deck

Page of Swords from the Rider-Waite deck

Author: Victor Epand

The Page of any suit has a childlike personality about it. Of all the Pages, this is the most mature and capable but it maintains much of the lightness and whimsy of childhood.

This tarot card can represent an event, a part of you or an aspect of another person. It is typically a positive minded card, representing mental power and insight.

There is also an investigative nature at work here but usually not in a detrimental way. Balance and strength of heart exist in this card.

When this card shows up in a reading, you will have the clarity and diplomacy to make a decision regarding even the toughest decision. (more…)

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