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Tarot Texas Terms of Use

This site, Tarot Texas, contains advertising, for which I am paid a commission if you click a link and buy something from the linked site. The site may also include paid ads and/or banners. In some cases, I will be paid if you simply click on an ad or link.

We provide no warranty of any sort as to the usefulness or computer safety of this site.

You agree not to post obscene, offensive or  illegal material. You agree not to violate the laws of the United States or of the country from which you are posting. You agree to legally indemnify us from any expenses caused by anything you post.

We shall be the sole judge of what is considered offensive, obscene, or otherwise unacceptable.

You agree not to post copyrighted material for which you do not hold the copyright.

Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these terms, which may change in the future.

Please be sure to also read the Privacy Policy on our Privacy page.

Kathleen Gresham

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