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10 Tips for Moving Your Tarot Reader Practice to a New City

Professional tarot readers know that when you move to a new city, you always lose some clients. Many people prefer face-to-face readings.

Tips for Moving Your Tarot Practice

So here are 10 tips for restoring your client base to its previous level as soon as possible.

1. Select the best location for clients to find you in your new town. You need to be in a safe neighborhood that is easy to find and get to. When moving to a new city, you may not know the neighborhoods. To save time, you may want to get help from a home rental service or apartment finder.

2. Start placing ads and notices before you move. Place announcements on free services such as Craig’s list, giving your credentials and letting people know you will be taking clients, starting on whatever date you estimate you will be ready to receive clients.

3. If possible, start attending psychic fairs in the new city before you move and start doing readings there. For the best fairs you will have to audition, and you may need references from your home town, so it’s best to start early to get in and get established. Reading at fairs is a great way to find new clients in a new town.

4. If you do not already have one, start a web site or blog that tells about you, shows a nice photo, gives your credentials, and gives helpful advise on learning to read tarot, discusses (with names and details changed) interesting readings you have done, and announces your move to the new town. Then you can link your Craig’s list ad and other notices to the new site. It is quick, easy and free to start a new blog at Blogger.com.

5. Write a brief news release about your move, announcing when you will be “accepting appointments” in the new town. In the news release, provide a link to your blog and/or web site. Post the news release for free in news release websites on line.

7. Start (or join) a Tarot Meetup group (http://www.meetup.com) in your new town if there is not one. If there is one, join it, and tell them you are coming. Participate as helpfully as you can even before you move, then attend the Meetup.

Caution: If the Meetup is run by a professional tarot reader, you will need to be tactful and cautious. Be careful not to offend with blatant promos. After attending, you may still want to start your own tarot Meetup. If you start your own Meetup group, do not make it all about you. Make it a truly useful group that is open to all tarot loves, including other professional readers, and people will begin to look up to you as a community leader and authority.

8. Learn as much about the local culture as possible before you get there. If moving from a liberal, open city like Austin or Seattle to a conservative or Bible Belt community, you may be in for culture shock. Better to be cautious than to put your foot in it before you know the culture. (Maybe I should have put this one first..)

9. Have business cards printed as soon as you know your new address-–or even before. While transitioning to the new town, even before you move, it can be useful to have some business cards with your email address and blog or web address. (if switching local internet providers, get a gmail account and check it often.)

10. Consider advertising on Groupon or similar Internet coupon service once you are open for business. You have to give a big discount, but it can be a great way to get new clients to try your service. It can get you a lot of new business, fast.

Keeping Your Existing Clients When You Move

Be sure to hold onto as many of your existing clients as possible. They already know you, so they may be OK with getting readings from you over the phone. To keep them happy, you must be even more responsive. Answer their texts, phone, and email requests ASAP. And offer them a nice “favorite client” discount, perhaps a frequency discount or packages of several readings for a great price if they pay in advance.

Be creative. Be available. You might want to start a tarot newsletter with interesting tarot tidbits and advice, reviews of new tarot decks—and a link back to your website and/or blog.

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