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Guest post from: Denver Stephens

If you have never been to Minnesota, I’m sure you have heard about how cold it is in the winter. I tell you, no joke, it is literally freezing. My husband and I just recently moved to Minnesota from the Southeast and have had to adjust to the cold climate. At first, I thought that I could handle it because we had lived out West and it snowed a lot and was cold. Well the snow and cold out West is a lot different than it is in Minnesota. The snow is everywhere in Minnesota and it is a wet cold and windy, whereas out West it is a dry cold. It is bone chilling cold in Minnesota. The first few cold months there, I decided that we had to get direct tv minneapolis, because you literally couldn’t do anything outside. You have to spend most of your time inside the house. If you go outside you may turn into a popsicile! Thank goodness for the tunnels that run underneath the building from the parking garage where I work. If we didn’t have those I don’t think that I could make it!

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