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Court Cards of the Swords Interpretation MP3

Interpreting the Tarot, CD

Interpreting the Tarot, CD

The court cards of the four tarot suits are important keys to interpretation of readings. And they are often misused. This recording, one track from the Interpreting the Tarot CD, is meant to help you interpret the court cards of the Swords suit.

We have all heard the trite notions that wands represent fiery redheads in your life, swords represent dark-haired people, and so on. 

In reality court cards represent different aspects of the suit as it appears in your life. For example, the King represents the traits of that suit fully realized. The page represents potential talent or beginnings. Those are oversimplified perhaps, but you get the idea.

In a reading, two court cards from the same suit may need to be used, one doubling for another, to make a point. 

Tarot can be easy to read intuitively, but for the subtler aspects, you need to truly study and absorb the inner meanings of the cards. That is how you learn to give readings of true value instead of merely entertaining predictions.

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