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Your Questions About Minor Arcana

Richard asks…

Tarot people: 2 of swords, Ace of wands and 10 of coins/pentacles?

Can’t fully crack the meaning of this reading, since I am only just now getting fully acquainted with all the minor arcana. I asked whether this person was going to get married during the next 12 months, and got the 2 of Swords for an answer, and the Ace of wands and the 10 of coins, by this order, for further explaining into the future.

Help please! Tk you!
Wow now I actually got the 4 of wands itself.. I guess that is a capital yes, right!?
Man I still have a lot of training to do on this. The cards just never tell me, it’s like it either wont happen at all, or it’s still in secrecy. It could be related to the fact that I am not exactly all that into getting married anyway, and as for the work endeavour.. yes it has already started, I’m applying for a PhD overseas. I love this person like I never loved anyone before, but marriage is a bit way out of my comfort zone, for now at least. I’m 29 …still have a lot to do with my life, and only this one to do it! Settling down into a married woman’s life can wait until I’m done with a few projects first! Being with him again this next year would already be great, I’ll be busier than ever, but never too busy for what could be the love of my life, at least to date! lol We’ll see… Thank you so much for your answer, it was really helpful.. and may God provide indeed!

TarotTrumps answers:

I don’t see marriage in these cards.
You’ve 3 cards and 3 element here (air, fire and earth).
The element that is missing is water so nothing about relationships or feelings.

2 of Swords is a agreement, contract or binding.
Ace of wands can be new home or job.
10 of Pentacles is a good card for money but more so in the long term not immediate future.

I’d say you’ll be going overseas for the PhD and it should setup you up well in life.

Maria asks…

Tarot card help?

i have a set of tarot cards, and also a book that came along with it. The book tells me the major arcana upright and reversed, but for the minor, it only tells me the upright, does it have anything for the reversed? or does it mean it both ways. Befor it explaines the cards indivuadly, it says what the whole suit means, ands also upside down, but, is it the same for each card reversed?

TarotTrumps answers:

The study of the reversed cards is best left to those who fully grasp the meanings of the upright cards. When you include the reversed meanings, basically it means that you are studying a 156 card deck!

Plus, the positions of the cards in relation to each other make things even more complex.

That is just too much for a novice. The upright meanings alone can be confusing enough. I recommend learning the basics before adding the more complex, advanced interpretations.

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