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I first become interested in the tarot as a college student, but I had no idea where to buy a tarot deck in deep East Texas or in my hometown on the Gulf Coast. I did get a little oracle deck that was based on regular playing cards, and I had scary-good results with it.

A few years later, I bought a beautiful deck, but I could never figure out how to read with it. It did not seem to match up to the decks in the tarot books at all. I finally gave up, thinking that learning to read the tarot was too hard.

About 20 years ago I finally bought a Rider-Waite deck and a wonderful book, The Complete Book of Tarot, by Juliet-Sharman Burke. Wow, it was not so hard to read after all.

In continuing to study the tarot, I eventually found out that the first deck I bought was not a standard tarot deck at all. Called the Grand Etteilla deck, it was designed by a professional reader at the French royal court in the 18th Century to make sure that only he could read it. No wonder!

Eventually I began reading at psychic parties and  psychic fairs. I did that for awhile. Now I just read for friends.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.

Kathleen Gresham


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