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After Tarot

[[Specification]]Tarot images appear to us fixed, stable and unchanging in the collective imagination and in our knowledge. What if we told you they’re instead just moments, snapshots of scenes in the making? What happens to the fool a few seconds after putting his foot over the cliff? Find this and many other answers in this revolutionary ‘After tarot’ deck. Pietro Alligo and Giulia F.Massaglia Divination using tools such as oracle and tarot�cards, help to bring higher guidance and advice into our lives and brings to the surface information that is hidden or not immediately obvious to us. (Specifications)This deck contains 78 cards and instructions. Cards measure 66 x 120 mm. Multilingual

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Divination of the Ancients

In ancient times, across countless cultures throughout history, there were gifted oracles who spoke directly with nature, interpreted signs and omens, and communed with the gods for messages with extraordinary clarity and foresight. Much of this ancient wisdom and many of their divinatory tools have been forgotten with the passing of time.? This unique deck brings them together again, offering the chance to reconnect with different fortune-telling tools and modalities as well as rediscovering the ancient significance of a multitude of omens and signs from the universe. By rebirthing these lost arts of divination we reawaken our soul’s connection with the world of spirit, and gain access to the symbolic answers that guide us to our heart’s true desire and higher purpose.

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How to Read Tarot Cards: An Essential Guide for Learning the Tarot Card Spreads, Tarot Card Meanings, and How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself or Others

The world of Tarot works not through pronouncements of doom and gloom, made with assurances set in stone, but with skill and subtlety, employing feelings and emotions to listen to the message. As any practitioner will tell you, the future isn’t a contract chiseled in concrete, but rather a wish scribbled in beach sand just before high tide. Tarot isn’t used to predict one’s future; rather it helps guide you in smaller yet more meaningful ways. For example, instead of telling you exactly where your life will be ten years from now, the cards can help you get where you want to be ten years from now, simply through pointing out the helpful and hindering forces, mindsets, and habits with which you currently surround yourself. The symbols and stories behind each card in a deck force introspection and contemplation upon you, making you examine the reality of your current situation and what changes need to be made. They push you to relate situations and deeper circumstances from your life along mentally drawn parallels within the cards. But how can you learn to read and interpret the cards so that you can fully understand – and even divulge to others – what the world of Tarot is trying to reveal? That’s exactly what this book is going to show you. Let’s get started!

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The Book of Ceremonial Magic (A Timeless Classic): By Arthur Edward Waite

Originally called The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts. The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite is an attempt to document many of the famous grimoires, explaing the history behind them and at the same time refuting many of the legends surrounding them. He then goes on to discuss the theology contained within the grimoires and finally goes on to synthesize the many famous grimoires into one complete system.

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Dreams of Gaia Tarot: A Tarot for a New Era

The philosophy of the Dreams of Gaia Tarot is simple: to seek, to feel, to grow, to heal. This deck will strengthen your connection to your divine self, while helping you to identify and heal past experiences that hold you back from living to your fullest potential. Learn to recognise when times of growth and change are approaching, and face them with confidence and a sense of anticipation. Learn when to take action, and when to be still. Learn to trust in your intuition. By offering structure in the form of a major and minor arcana like that of past tarots, but combining them with bold new archetypes, symbology, and meanings more suited to the present, the Dreams of Gaia Tarot allows for a more personal, intimate, and effective system for using cards as a roadmap to navigate your life path. Embark on this extraordinary journey of undoing, of being, and becoming, and be inspired by the knowledge that all that manifests in your future is born of choices you make today.

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The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set)

From the beloved artist-seeker behind The Wild Unknown comes the long-awaited box set of her hit tarot deck and guidebook—together for the first time in a beautifully designed keepsake package.

Kim Krans is not only a vanguard of the new tarot movement, but the person who is redefining it for the twenty-first century. For a legion of contemporary seekers, The Wild Unknown is more than a tarot deck; it’s become a resonant guide for people all over the world, inspiring them to share countless images of their readings, tattoos, and art prints from the deck.

Each of the seventy-eight cards in Krans’s Wild Unknown tarot deck is a work of art that explores the mysteries of the natural world and the animal kingdom. Hand drawn in her spare, minimalistic style, the striking images invite deep contemplation. Her Wild Unknown guidebook is also an extraordinary cult art object—a hand-lettered and fully illustrated primer that leads readers through shuffling and cutting the tarot, creating spreads, and interpretations of all seventy-eight individual cards.

Now, for the first time, Kim’s Wild Unknown tarot deck and tarot guidebook are available together in one beautiful, high-quality keepsake box set. Newly designed by Kim herself, and including never-before-published material, this boxed set retains the mystery, glamour, and allure that made her original deck a cult sensation, while introducing a whole new audience to its magic.

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Key to Tarot: From Suits to Symbolism: Advice and Exercises to Unlock your Mystical Potential (Keys To)

Unlock your own innate psychic potential with the art of Tarot.

Shrouded in mystery, the tarot was once thought to have been a set of sacred tablets of mystical wisdom saved from the ruins of an ancient Egyptian burning temple. It is now considered to be a symbolic mirror of opportunity that can help you to make crucial decisions, confirm your true desires for the future, and enhance self-understanding. A powerful mystical tool, the tarot’s imagery is a symbolic universal language which you can quickly learn to understand and which will unlock your own innate psychic potential.

The Key to Tarot is a step-by-step guide to learning to read and interpret this mystical deck of seventy-eight cards. Learn to develop your own innate intuitive powers in the art of Tarot. This book uses a combination of detailed background information and fun, simple, interactive lessons and exercises to help you build up your skills and learn all there is to know about reading the Tarot and using it for the benefit of yourself and others. In addition, each of the book’s four main sections concludes with a specially designed “masterclass” that takes you to a deeper level of understanding, if you feel ready to do so.

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Learn to Read Tarot Cards – Suit of Cups Workbook: Learn to Read the Suit of Cups in One Week

This Workbook builds on the skills acquired in The Major Arcana Workbook and enables readers to learn the meanings and significances of each card in the Suit of Cups quickly and easily.

This colourful and user-friendly workbook will help you understand the images upon each card in the popular Rider Waite deck with ease. A range of fun and easy tasks allows the reader to engage with the meaning of each card, and retain this information through proven memory aiding techniques, such as image association and recap quizzes. Tasks also include card blending and experiencing a range of Tarot reading spreads.

Within just one week, and having only spent a short time each day completing a range of short and simple tasks, you will become proficient in reading the Suit of Cup; allowing you to give detailed readings regarding love and relationships when used with the Major Arcana.

The author of this book has over thirty years of experience in reading the cards, is a published fiction author and an experienced teacher; the culmination of which is a well written, good quality and knowledgeable product that allows you to quickly develop your skills and independence in this highly skilled art.

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Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs: The World’s Most Respected Astrological Authority Reveals Her Secrets of Creating and Interpreting Your Personalized Relationship Charts

Available in paperback for the very first time, here’s everything you need to make your own astrological readings of your most precious relationships

Why do you feel you’ve known someone for years when you’ve just met?
Why are you attracted to someone who seems like your complete opposite?
Why do you and your loved one argue the way you argue?
How can you make your relationships last in spite of your differences?

The answers to these questions can be found within your birth chart and that of your loved one. Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs is the first astrology book to provide a totally individual, detailed analysis of how compatible you and your partner really are. Whether you are familiar with astrology or a complete novice, this comprehensive reference shows you step-by-step how to find the keys to harmony and the areas of potential trouble–all you need is each person’s birth date and time. Individually tailored to you and your loved one, here is your guide to the relationships that mean the most to you.

Product Features

  • Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs

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Learn the Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

Learn the tarot card meanings for the Major Arcana, by joining The Fool tarot card on a quest through the cards.
Modeled on The Hero’s Journey, this easy-to-read guide includes keywords, sample readings, and journal prompts for tarot beginners.
A free downloadable and printable tarot deck of the 22 Major Arcana cards is included! (via separate download)
Join Angie Green from Learn Tarot With Me on this journey to understand the important elements of each card, including symbols, correspondences, and secrets to remembering each card’s meaning.
The Major Arcana tarot cards represent the first 22 archetype cards of a standard tarot deck, and include The Fool, The Magician, The Lovers, The Devil, and the feared Death card. This book will walk you through each card, touching on the common meanings and themes for each one.
You’ll learn the symbols, keywords, reversed (upside-down) meanings, astrological and numerology correspondences, and standard interpretations for Love, Money, Work, Health, and Spiritual tarot card readings. Journal prompts are included for each card, so you can use the tarot to dig deep into your subconscious and intuitive inner life.
This book is especially helpful for writers and authors who use the tarot to spark creative ideas about stories, characters, and plots.
Written specifically for tarot beginners, Learn the Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana will become your must-have companion as you learn the cards.

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