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How to Channel from the Akashic Records When You Are Reading Tarot Cards

This new book provides 3 levels of understanding about the Mysteries of the Tarot World. The first level is for those who simply want to know how to read the tarot cards from the first spread, and nothing else. Kristy, Brisbane Australia (aged 25) I found that learning to read my cards from the book was straightforward and simple. It took me just a short time to read my cards. I felt that this was the best and easiest reading that I did on myself. It wasn’t confusing. The second level is for those who wish to learn to see clairvoyantly, channel and communicate with the Ascended Masters and their Archangels. Geraldine, Brisbane 2007 I found this book very user friendly, it is clear and easy to read and it contains really comprehensive definitions of the Major and Minor Arcana, and the reference to other card placements. I now use Rozália’s book to aid all my readings which seem to have grown deeper and more edifying. I feel this book would be invaluable for anyone wanting to get a deeper understanding and grounding in tarot reading. And the third level is for those who wish to channel; Past Lives – Present – and Future events from the Akashic Records when you are reading the tarot cards. Teresa Iaia, Sydney 2006 I have purchased many Tarot reading books over many years. Your book is the first in my collection that has expressed the individual card meaning as they fall into each of The Celtic Cross placements. I have found each of these references in you “Cards Directory” invaluable. I particularly applaud your short, direct description of each card, including reverse meaning. Bonnie Cehovet TE, USA 2007 This book is a gift to the Tarot World. If the reader is willing to step up and access the esoteric side of the art, then whole new worlds will open up to you!

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Men’s Triple Goddess Platinum Logo Shorts Sweatpants Black

Neutral/male Or Female, Football Training Shorts, Tackles Pants, Shorts, Household Quick-drying Moisture Absorption Perspiration Lightweight Breathable

Product Features

  • Accept Personal Custom.Great Gift For Yourself And Your Friends.
  • No Pockets, Elastic Waist Design Built-in Rope, Single Layer Cloth
  • 100% Polyester (polyester)
  • Comfort Flex Waistband.
  • Easy Care,Hand And Machine Washable,Not Shrink.

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The Book of Azathoth Tarot Cards

The Azathoth Tarot is Nemo’s Locker’s homage to the great Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Detailed pen and ink drawings depicting Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Deep Ones, devils, and other beings create this full 78 card Tarot deck which comes cradled snugly in a heavy lidded presentation box.

The cards are 3.5″ x 5″, printed on premium quality 350gsm card stock and provided with a smooth plastic finish.

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The Good Tarot: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook

When Colette Baron-Reid first began doing professional readings almost 30 years ago, she used the traditional tarot as a source of intuitive guidance. Now she has taken the classical form and given it a modern twist, with suits and meanings that are focused on transformation and personal growth.

Grounded in a divination system that dates back centuries, The Good Tarot has a psychic architecture that’s more simple and modern, rooted in contemporary positive psychology and aimed at the expression of the highest good for all. The 78 cards in the deck are read as archetypal aspects of the human experience that we may encounter within ourselves, with others, or in the world. The suits in The Good Tarotare the four elements, with Air standing in for the traditional Swords, Water replacing Cups, Earth for Pentacles, and for Wands, Fire. A crucial difference from traditional decks is that the cards’ messages are all written as positive affirmations in the present tense, rather than forecasts, instructions, or warnings. Those who use the cards in the suggested way can integrate their energy immediately and personally.

Even so, traditional tarot enthusiasts can still apply their favorite spreads to this deck as its formation doesn’t stray too far from what is already familiar, and the breathtaking original artwork will be sure to inspire.

“Everyone wants guidance during times of uncertainty, a light shining in the dark,” Colette writes. “The Good Tarotis especially helpful when you feel lost, want confirmation about a direction you’re heading in, are concerned about the results of choices you’ve made, or seek greater understanding of your circumstances. It’s about recognizing the many forms of truth and seeing the light that accompanies the shadow so you can help the light increase its brilliance.”

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Pull Down Chart – Vintage Tarot Card Diagram Hanging Canvas Print. Fortune Teller Gypsy Carnival Poster Wall art pull down chart CP400CV

Handmade Vintage Pull Down Chart Reproduction – 13″ x 18″ This prints comes from a salvaged version of The Illustrated Key to the Tarot by LW de Laurence (published in 1918). It has been scanned in, cropped, and retouched to ensure the highest quality reproduction possible. It is then printed with archival ink on beautiful textured canvas with dark stained wood trim. One of the best features of this print is that it is ready to hang, no framing needed (just a nail or hook). One of the best features of this print is that it is ready to hand, no framing needed (just a nail or hook). These handmade wall hangings are inspired by my love of vintage nature inspired pull down charts. I love the simple, natural, and rustic appeal they have, and also, who doesn’t love a piece of art that is ready to hang with no framing! Archival ink & canvas. Prints ship in a sturdy shipping tube to ensure art is in pristine condition when you receive it.

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Tarot Interactions: Become More Intuitive, Psychic & Skilled at Reading Cards

Read Any Deck with Deeper and More Meaningful Results Than Ever Before

Move beyond reading “card by card” and learn to provide powerful readings with a nuanced, flowing narrative like that of a story or poem. Designed for both beginners and advanced students, Tarot Interactions shows how to interact with the cards in a synergistic way, leading to more dynamic readings with any deck or oracle.

Join author Deborah Lipp as she reveals a unique approach to the tarot, with accessible lessons on patterns and layouts, card pairs, using language and storytelling to deepen a reading, techniques for interacting with querents, and developing or utilizing psychic ability. Explore simple yet effective exercises on topics from pathworking to meditation, as well as tarot experiments and games. Take your reading and intuition skills from wherever they are now to wherever you want them to be with this indispensable guide.

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Astrology Reading Cards: Your Personal Guidance from the Stars

Self-help astrological advice has never been easier to attain than with this spirit guiding card deck. Featuring three sets of cards—the Zodiac Signs, the Planets and the Houses—advice seekers can select a card from each set and then use the book of guidelines to interpret the answer. There are cards for each of the zodiac signs with the characteristics of each sign, cards for the planets and their characteristics or symbolism, and cards for each of the houses in astrology with images on them that they represent. Featuring stunning artwork from a master artist, these cards take all the complexity out of astrological readings, and places the power firmly into the hands of the reader who hopes to gain insight into their future.

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PILLO Geometry Throw Pillow Case 16 X 16 Inches / 40 By 40 Cm For Home,teens,couples,boys,drawing Room,kids Boys With Twice Sides

In order to keep the color fresh,It is better to add salt to the water for your first washing. The most timeless and comfortable fabric in fashion. Durable and easy to look after. Decorate your bed or couch with a cushion case,and augment the unique style of your room in an instant. Pillowcase that who can lie here watching over you,comfort you,accompany to you. Our pursuit is 100% customer satisfaction, please contact us if you have any questions. Easy to match your bed, car or sofa. A great choice for your home decoration. The pillow case made of good material,touchable,durable,washable,and easy to clean. Tumble dry with gentle cycle and no heat. The Printing is in the front, no printing only natural color of linen in the back. Decorate your bed or couch, adds the vividness to the room. Invisible zipper design. High grade material and fine workmanship. Comfortable hand feeling and durable and washable. touch feel to be good,and no smell. Package included: 1 PCS Cushion Cover/Cushion. All cushions are handmade, so please understand there may be 1-2cm deviation exist. touch feel to be good,and no smell. With this removable throw pillow cover/cushion cover, you could make your old accent pillow or cushion a beautiful new look. Hang to dry, avoid rubbing and wring. The pillow shams are accessories that match the duvet cover set. Our pursuit is 100% customer satisfaction, please contact us if you have any questions. High grade fabrics and fine workmanship. Invisible zipper closure, all edges are overlocked to prevent fray. Decorate your bed or couch with a cushion case,and augment the unique style of your room in an instant. An eco-friendly way to change your decor every season or day to match the festivity of the occasion. Cold and gentle machine wash. Best For Home Decor. lightweight,durable and comfortably hold. All fabric edges are sewn with zigzag overlock stitch to prevent fray and ensure durability.

Product Features

  • The throws cushion cover design is geometry, and About 16 x 16 inches / 40 by 40 cm. Welcome customised!
  • If you do not leave, I will not give up High grade fabrics and fine workmanship.
  • Just Cushion cover set,Pillow insert are not included. art printing on each side.
  • This cover(case) has an invisible zipper. Gentle washing, should not rub and wring out. Color your life,color your dream
  • Quality is root,service is soul.Any question,feel free to let me know. we can dispatch it within 1-3 days. Avoid prolong exposure to sunlight

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ARCANE DAWN: The Golden Dawn Chronicles – Episode One (The Abra-Melin War Book 1)

Magic has awoken on Earth.
Those who can use it are licensed through the Guild.
The Guild tries to unite the Orders, religions and cults who practice the arcane rituals of alchemy, theurgy and thaumaturgy. For now, peace prevails with the world’s tacit acceptance of these Other human beings. Most people just want to live out their lives in a world on its way to unprecedented peace and prosperity.

However, Saoirse only gets to be a senior in high school for a day before a new student draws her away to join the ranks of licensed magicians who now face the beginnings of an occult World War.

As the arcane imbued Others and Normals — the new division of humans — get comfortable with the new order of things, few realize that magic is merely the harbinger to the Apocalypsis: The Unveiling of the True Reality.

The magical war that Saoirse has by “chance” stumbled upon she realizes is only the beginning of an End the likes of which no human can guess at, much less prevent.

And so, Saoirse must become more than human….

A story told of a very possible alternate reality to ours, drawn from the actual occult grimoires of our own human history, and linked through secrets of esoteric orders, mythology and ancient Biblical texts and aprocrypha by a skilled scholar. – RC @RoisinCross

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